Sea Shell Village
  A Community of "Green" Homes in Sandwich, MA
Green Design

Passive Solar design is free energy.   These Technologies are not difficult or exotic- just high quality windows and tight homes.

Windows  offer Low E  Design, and high performance Energy Star Rating


The design of the gravity Title V septic system in Sea Shell Village allowed us to centralize a system that typically creates the largest disturbance in most home sites.  The tank and leaching field blend in with the natural wooded setting and were located in a portion of the Open Space.

Underground Utilities were placed at the edge of a driveway to minimize disturbance to the site.

Green Site Design

Site - A well planned site protects the Natural Ecosystem.  Reuse of Energy starts with a beneficial Building orientation and site design. 

Passive Solar can start as simply as orienting the home for Southern exposure or optimizing daylight. 

Land consumption can also be minimized  by limiting tree removal, clustering homes, and preserving Open Space.

Energy - Homes designed with high-efficiency mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, save energy over the life of the structure. 

Taking advantage of Solar can include integrating Photo Voltaics and solar heating for current or future application

Raw Materials - Selecting materials with a high re-cycled content can be immediately beneficial while selecting products that require minimal or no maintenance can have an impact on the future needs of the home.

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